Fitlar massage gun

The best massage gun in everyday life for relieving muscle soreness after fitness.

Our F3 and F5 are your best choice after exercise.


Speeds Up Recovery
Increases Blood Flow
Clears Lactic Acid
Breaks Up Scar Tissue
Relieve Knots
Increases Range of Motion

Users said

It would be great for at home use or in office use! It is a great product for a much cheaper
price than other similar products. I would for sure suggest this to any exerciser!


This little gadget is going to save me so much money on massages! Ok, granted, there’s
nothing that compares to skilled human touch, but this really does get into the muscles and
release them efficiently and quickly.


It's fully adjustable with 20 different speeds and 4 different massage heads to suit every part of the body. Once it’s charged, it’s battery lasts a long time. I highly recommend this massager.


The machine is everything that was described on the website. Received my massage gun fast, the massage gun is ultra powerful and I’d love it to be a little less noisy the power is
what I was looking for! Highly recommend the Massage Gun V2.